Absinthe Butterfly 65%

Absinthe Butterfly 65%


Alcohol: 65% vol. alc.
Colour: Verte / Green
Size 0.7 litre
Weight: 1.0kg
Origin Switzerland
Distillery: Artemisia-Bugnon


Butterfly Boston 1902 absinthe is the recreation of a classic American absinthe produced in Boston just before the ban in the early 1900s. At that time, the U.S. had a large selection of domestically produced absinthe which was unique in style and different from what was imported from Europe. It is characterized by its potency and complex aromatic palette, especially on the citrus and spices side with notes of lemon, mandarin and mint.

Pre-prohibition American absinthe made liberal use of the herbs growing in the Midwest and New England. Fields of wormwood were scattered across the country and yielded so much of the famed herb that it was exported to Europe. The style stands out from other classic absinthes by its use of mint, citrus zest and other herbs creating a complex but refreshing flavor profile. Butterfly Boston 1902 absinthe was recreated using the original Dempey family recipe.

Anise Free □□■□□ Aniseed
Mild □□■□□ Bitter
Simple □□□□■ Complex


Serving Suggestions

Blue Moon
Absinthe Frappe
Classic serve, 1 part absinthe and 4-parts cold water. Sugar to taste.

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